CSite's Service

Service and Quality are the two main factors that determine the success of CSite. This is reflected in the projects we achieve together with our customers. CSite shares the high expectations and interests of the shipyards, owners/teams, captains and their crews. Our goal is to reach an optimal service and a lasting cooperation.

The service we offer:

In the terms of the execution of composite projects, we offer a complete package. This means that we manage the complete project: from AutoCAD drawings (or equivalent) to the final placing of the finished product on board.

Composite epoxy components delivered as casco. 

Composite epoxy components delivered finished with primer and/or painted. 

Carbon parts with ‘carbon look’ delivered with a UV protected high gloss paint.

Using the latest boatbuilding technologies and modern materials, we build strong, lightweight products. Depending on the product, we use handlayup, vacuum or vacuum infusion.